Basic InformationEdit


The AntecX Corporation established a settlement in a part of the world and have found valuable resources. The AntecX Corporation is allowing Factions to participate in taking control of certain areas to harvest the resources themselves.

So far, technological advances have allowed factions to earn Experience Points. Soon enough, we will be able to harvest Diamonds. This zone is under loose restrictions and open building and killing is allowed as we have minimal forces in the area. 

War Zone Harvest LocationsEdit

  1. Oil Rig: We found an abundance of a material that can give XP in the northern sea. 
  2. Abandoned Logging Company: The same material has been found under this location. 
  3. SandStone Village: These villagers have not only found this material, but also have been mining diamonds. Deals to trade diamonds with them will be made in the future. 

How to Get a Base in the War ZoneEdit

In order to get a base in the War Zone, your faction must pay 50 Diamonds to set up the technology required. First, your Faction must create a base in creative world with certain specifications:

  1. Must be in a 20x20 block area
  2. Must not exceed 15 blocks above sea level (Y:63)
  3. You are allowed to have underground areas down to bedrock
  4. Must specify a place in your Faction homeland to place the warp sign

These bases will be protected in the War Zone and your faction will have permission to adjust any changes inside your base. Certain blocks are restricted.

Policies and RulesEdit

Basics with Faction Politics:Edit

  • It takes one faction to start a war
  • It takes both factions to be allies
  • Factions at war are to fight mainly in the War Zone
  • Factions that bring conflict to the overworld will be frowned upon by AntecX and will be forced to intervene
  • Faction territories in the Overworld must be obvious through walls (at least two blocks high) or fences

General RulesEdit

  • Graffiti such as placing blocks to make text is acceptable. Don't overdo it!
  • No vulgarities, hostilities and threats in chat. This feature is for friendly fun and competition. 
  • No traps in the Overworld, Nether or End in faction territories.
  • Do not build structures within 50 blocks from another faction's Perimeter Wall/Fence.

Rules in the War WorldEdit

1.   Do not destroy the capture point locations


1.   Griefing will result in possible ban. Depending on the severity, the griefer will be placed in Visitor status until a decision will be made. 

2.   Hostilities between players will be dealt with accordingly by staff members. 

Further Rules and Policies Will Be Amended Accordingly