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The crest of Topato Grove. The crest depicts the traditional stylized image of Puckman as the Squid God.

The Knödelian States of Topato Grove, more commonly referred to as Topato or Topato Grove is a small faction based in the town of the same name on the western edge of New Midgard. Topato represents an imperialistic arm of the Grand Duchy of Knödel.


Despite having a fairly recent appearance in New Midgard, Topato has a long history dating back to approximately 2009 C.E. on various SMP servers.


Topato derives its main principles from its parent nation, the Grand Duchy of Knödel. As a result, Topato law establishes that the Church of His Blessed Tentacles is the state religion, although citizens are free to practice any religion of their choice.


Topato GroveEdit

Topato Grove is the primary township of the Topato faction. The faction derives its name from the settlement, which in turn derives its name from an expression in the native testificate language. Topato Grove possesses a marina, a zombie grinder, a farm, and a small population of testificates. Topato Grove enjoys a moderate amount of tourism due to its large number of religious establisments. Much of the architecture of the town is based on the traditional building styles of the native testificates.

The town was established as an agricultural frontier colony by Knödel's Grand Duke and Grand Vizier as a means to expand their nation's territory and establish trade with local natives. As a result, the colony is built on an old testificate village.

Due to numerous losses in population by zombie sieges, a police force was established consisting of iron and snow golems. Despite complaints by local residents, the Grand Duke has reaffirmed his support for the project, stating that "establishing the police force was absolutely necessary to maintain national security and harmony".

El Estado del MarEdit

El Estado del Mar is the oldest territory owned by Topato and is located just southwest of New Midgard City. Formerly the base of operations for the faction, it has since been relegated to a summer home for Knödel's Grand Vizier due to its large ocean vista. The manor is primarily comprised of sandstone and jungle wood and is stylized to resemble a small fortification.


Topato also maintains an embassy in Evergreen City. Those seeking asylum in the embassy should note that the laws and restrictions of Evergreen will still apply within the building as it lays within Evergreen's borders.