The Midgard Rail system is as impressive as it is large. 

This should ease the pain of new players in traversing the various branches and hidden portals.

Rules of the Rails:

  1. Never leave your Minecart behind
  2. Left Shift will let you jump out of the minecart
  3. Never leave your Minecart behind
  4. Do not jump out midway down the line!
  5. Never leave your Minecart behind
  6. Report any breakages to the Maintenance department

Getting StartedEdit

Most train station portals are within Howling Embassies scattered across the land

2013-07-25 21.32.29

Entrance to the Howling Embassy in the main city

When you enter this embassy(And most others), look for the bamboo and water wall, passing through it will gain you entrance to the Nether portal

2013-07-25 21.32.46

The Bamboo and water behind the altar here is what you are looking for

Once you make it through the entrance tot he nether portal, you will be in a room with a Portal, and a rail line. Hopefully you brought along a minecart. Drop it down, press the button and ride to the Hub.

2013-07-25 21.35.06

Main hub entrance from Midgard City

Main Hub:

Upon entering the main hub, you will be here, with the stations listed below in front of you

(Do NOT leave you minecart here, you will need it)


Rail Lines and ConnectionsEdit

  1. Borealis Island & Biodome Embassy -> This leads to Antecx Island
  2. Sancti Soci Embassy ->
  3. College Town Embassy ->
  4. Midgard City Embassy ->
  5. Sub Ruic Embassy ->
  6. Redstoner Embassy ->
  7. Jadeleaf Grove Embassy ->
  8. Evergreen Embassy ->