Grief Prevention Basics

Grief Prevention Basics

Grief prevention is a plugin that allows players to claim an area of land and prevent anyone from making changes to it. Players can have various trusting permissions for people inside their claims.

The first chest you place will automatically claim the land around it. 

Any other claims you wish to make must be done by using a Golden Shovel. Right click two opposite corners of a rectangle and you create a claim.

You gain 100 claim blocks every hour on New Midgard. You can also buy more claim blocks with diamonds!

Basic CommandsEdit

/trust NAME

Standing inside the Claim: Grants another player permission to edit anything in the claim you are in

Standing outside the Claim: Grants another access to all your claims
/accesstrust NAME Grants a player permission to use your buttons, levers and beds
/containertrust NAME Grants a player access to containers, workbenches, beds and animals
/permissiontrust NAME Grants a player permission to share the claim with others
/trustlist Gives the player a list of people he trusted
/untrust NAME Removes permissions for a player in a claim
/untrust all Removes permissions for everyone in a claim
/abandonclaim Deletes the claim you are standing in
/abandonallclaims Deletes all of your claims
/buyclaimblocks NUMBER Allows you to buy one claim block for 0.1 Diamond