On New Midgard, we use factions to unite and group people together under a single name to achieve great things. A Faction can also be used to gain great benefits from item stashes, building projects or even from ruling the War Zone .

The faction system is much different than most that are ran on other servers. There is no land claiming on the main land and there is no use of the Power System. For the PvP Aspect, Factions must take out their battles in the War Zone. In the War Zone, there will be Control Points where Factions must fight for control in order to gain benefits.

Benefits of Having a FactionEdit

Factions are important to Midgard because they allow people to unite under a single name. It gives players protection, pride and benefits. Playing on Minecraft Multiplayer is meant for playing and building with others, so take advantage of factions for this very purpose. Here are a few benefits one can gain from being in a Faction:

  • Working together and getting things done faster
  • Protect each other
  • Reap benefits from the War Zone
  • Your own Faction Chat Channel

Basics of Creating a FactionEdit

How to Create a FactionEdit

Creating a faction costs 250 Diamonds, so get with friends and pool in your money to get one started. Only Veterans and above may create factions. You can achieve the Veteran rank by playing for 30 hours.

How to Create a Faction HomeEdit

In order to set a Faction Home, you must have 50 Diamonds ready. Either contact the Owner, Co-owner, Chief of Staff, or Admin if they're online or use the /ticket command to write a request to set your faction home. Faction homes can only be set by the leader of a faction.

  • Only those ranks listed above can set your faction home.
  • To use the /ticket system route, simply type /ticket I want to set my faction's home!

How to Get to the War ZoneEdit

The War Zone is on a separate world, to allow a fair arena for Factions to fight it out. In order to get there, you may use the shuttle at spawn (exact coordinates 113,65,34.)

List of Major Factions on MidgardEdit