Essentials is a bundle of useful commands for a server that enhances gameplay experience. Listed below are some of the basic commands used on Midgard that come from the Essentials plugin:

Essentials Command Description
/list  /online Shows how many and what players are online
/spawn Teleports you to a specified spawn point around the Capital

/sethome NAME

/delhome NAME

Allows you to set or delete a home that you can return to at any time. 
/home Teleports you to your home that you set
/me Allows you to talk in the third person
/msg PLAYER CHAT Allows you to send a private message to someone online
/r CHAT Replies automatically to the last person who sent you a message
/mail send PLAYER Allows you to send a private mail to someone even if they are offline so they can later read it
/mail read Allows you to read all your mail that players sent you
/mail clear Deletes all your mail
/afk Lets people know you're 'away from the keyboard'
/seen PLAYER Shows you when a player was last online
/back Teleports you back to the location on death or teleport
/hat Wear any block on your head that you are holding in hand
/fireball Allows you to unleash a fireball, just like a Ghast
/kittycannon Shoot kitties and watch them explode
/spawnmob endercrystal

Spawns an Ender Crystal where you aim.

CAUTION: Will explode if touched!

/tpahere PLAYER Teleports a player to your position
/tpa PLAYER Teleport to a player's position