Commands For EveryoneEdit

Essentials CommandsEdit

Essentials Command Description
/list  /online / Shows how many and what players are online, sorted by staff
/spawn Teleports you to your group's specified spawn point around the Capital

/sethome [NAME]

/delhome [NAME]

Allows you to set or delete a home that you can return to at any time. 
/home [home name] Teleports you to your home that you set
/me Allows you to talk in the third person
/msg PLAYER CHAT Allows you to send a private message to someone online
/r CHAT Replies automatically to the last person who sent you a message
/mail send PLAYER CHAT Allows you to send a private mail to someone even if they are offline so they can later read it
/mail read Allows you to read all your mail that players sent you
/mail clear Deletes all your mail
/afk Lets people know you're 'away from the keyboard'

/seen [PLAYER]

Shows you when a player was last online

Grief Prevention CommandsEdit

This plugin will allow you to create claims around your property that protects others from griefing it.

The longer you play, the more claim blocks you get! Creating your first chest will create a small claim around it, you can.

GriefPrevention Commands Description

/trust NAME

Standing inside the Claim: Grants another player permission to edit anything in the claim you are in

Standing outside the Claim: Grants another access to all your claims
/accesstrust NAME Grants a player permission to use your buttons, levers and beds
/containertrust NAME Grants a player access to containers, workbenches, beds and animals
/permissiontrust NAME Grants a player permission to share the claim with others
/trustlist Gives the player a list of people he trusted
/untrust NAME Removes permissions for a player in a claim
/untrust all Removes permissions for everyone in a claim
/abandonclaim Deletes the claim you are standing in
/abandonallclaims Deletes all of your claims
/buyclaimblocks NUMBER Allows you to buy one claim block for 0.1 Diamond

Economy CommandsEdit

Here at Midgard our currency is the Diamonds! In order to create an account to use and create shops, you'll need to create your personal vault! Start by placing a sign above a chest, with the first line [Vault] then press done and thats it. After creating a vault be sure to put all your diamonds inside!

Economy Commands Description

/money, /m, /balance


Check your balance

Checks the top ten leaderboard

/pay PLAYER AMOUNT Pays the PLAYER the AMOUNT you wish to give them

Commands for Veterans-Experts-MastersEdit

Once you reach 30 Hours of server gameplay, you have a new array of commands ready for use!

New Commands Description
/back Returns to the spot you last died or were teleported to
/npc Allows use of Citizens plugin. Creating an NPC costs 30 diamonds per use.
/sentry Allows use of Sentry Plugin

For more information, please refer to the Citizens wiki located here:

Commands for Supporters-BoostersEdit

Those who contribute $5 will receive a few perks for helping us out! 

New Commands Description
/hat Can wear any block that you are holding in your hand (its super cool and fun to use come on use it you earned it!)
/ha all

Hide all your armor (to get back your armor you need to get hit!)

/fireball Shoot fireballs when you reach 200 hours Ya!
/npc type ENTITY Turn your NPC into a mob or animal! (super funny)

Commands for Sponsors-BenefactorsEdit

Those who contribute $15 will recieve a better premium package of commands.

New Commands Description
/tpa       Teleport to people
/tpahere Teleport people to you
/workbench Opens up a workbench rather than building and placing one
/fireball Shoot fireballs when you reach 200 hours!

Commands for VIPs-ElitesEdit

Those who contribute $30 or more will receive the ultimate premium package of commands! Plus you will be given the commands to use from Sponsors and Supporters!

New Commands Description
TAKEN OUT <3 you Luce
/kittycannon Fire kitties instead of fireballs!
WorldEdit Allows you to use World Edit in Creative